Saturday, December 14, 2013

Proving Fruitful

No longer do I have to skulk around the back alleys of Ararat pinching Quince from overhanging branches -
I have a Quince tree of my own!
For the first 40 years of my life Quince did not register on my radar, but once I hit Ararat,
I fell in love with them.
The perfume, the colour, their hairy little noggins.
It's hard to imagine these hairy little buggers transform into these ruby jewels.

They still have a way to go - they won't be ready until April.
To keep them alive while we are in Queensland we have put in some irrigation - that should keep them happy.
The tree has about 40 fruit on it - that's a LOT of Quince Jelly!

Photo: iphone - Pendlebury Hill, Ararat, Victoria - 14th December, 2013
except the last one - that one comes from here, where I made some Quince jelly