Where it Began

~ a crappy old shed to call my own and I'm in heaven!

Late last year, in an attempt to add to our nest egg and stave off old-age penury,
we bought a house in town to lease out to tenants.
Because, when Vince and I reach retirement age -
which, with the way the govt keeps pushing it out,
will be somewhere in the vicinity of 85 -
the govt pension will cease to exist.

(ummm...just in case you're confused, these photos are of the shed not the house)

I've always been very paranoid about being destitute in my old age.
I don't know where this insecurity comes from.
Perhaps I can blame 'A Current Affair'.
It's always showing stories about pensioners having to eat cat food coz they
can't afford anything else.

the house came on nearly 1/2 an acre.
Tenants don't want to look after 1/2 an acre.
So, now we have 1/4 of an acre to puddle around in.

It comes complete with a crappy old iron fence.
A dirt road
(the property had dual street access).
A 4 room garden shed.
3 vegie patches.
Fruit trees - apricots, plums, and 6 different kinds of apples.
A big old gum tree.
Lots of native birds, parrots, kookaburras and wrens.
A rose garden.
A compost heap
and enough room for my vintage caravan, Hester.
(that's Hester, the Fiesta made in Mildura 1970 - I'll tell you about her
another day)

It's called Pendlebury Hill (after the original owner).
And I think it's the ants pants.

Pendlebury Hill - Jan, 2010.