Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spring 2010

Well, it's nearly a year now, since we became the owners of Pendlebury Hill, and progress has been very slow but that's okay, it was always meant as a hobby.
The fence needs painting.
We HAVE painted the other side at "other house"- a nice paley eucalypty green - but it takes A LOT of paint - it's over 50mt long.
When the weather is sunnier and hotter - we'll do it then - in that same nice green.
Over on the left is the beginning of a flat pad for Hester the Fiesta caravan, but it isn't level so we are filling it with dug-up concrete and other bits and pieces.
And where that pinky-rose and lavender is - that will be flattened out and paved with crooked old bricks to make a nice outdoor eating area under the big old gum tree.

This is Felicia- pretty, isn't it?
I'd like to strike some more from cuttings to put around the garden.
I love the big purple poofy clouds it makes.

The apricot tree.
I put bags of manure under it during winter coz it was looking a bit sad last year.
It certainly did wonders for the weeds!!!!
They've gone berko.
We'll put layers of newspaper down and lots of pea straw to keep the weeds at bay and keep the moisture in during the heat of summer.

Succulent and (again) more weeds.
Not in the garden bed where we managed to paper and bark but
in the cracks of the stones - sneaky devils.

Photos: iphone - 31st Oct, 2010